Tacos have become the hottest new wedding catering trend, with more and more couples choosing casual Mexican fare over traditional chicken and steak options. From customizable taco bars to fun late-night taco trucks, tacos bring a laid-back party atmosphere that’s perfect for celebrating newlyweds. Tacos offer something for all your guests’ tastes – from carnivores to vegans.

Creative fillings like Korean barbecue chicken or ceviche shrimp tacos can take the nutritional menus to exciting new levels. Plus, tacos happen to also be more budget-friendly than some other catering choices.

So why are tacos and weddings becoming such a red-hot match? Let’s taco ’bout it!

Wedding Taco Catering

Why Tacos Are Perfect for Wedding Receptions

Tacos checks all the boxes for what makes a stellar wedding catering choice. Here’s why the taco and wedding combo is practically a match made in heaven:

Something for Everyone 

With so many possible taco fillings and toppings, you can easily cater to guests with all types of taste preferences and diets. Meat lovers can pile on carne asada or adobo chicken, while vegetarians and vegans can enjoy beans, grilled veggies, jackfruit carnitas, and more.

Customization Leads to Fun Interaction 

One of the biggest draws of wedding taco cart catering is that they encourage guests to customize their tacos however they like. This creates fun interactions between your loved ones as they chat while building their perfect taco creations.

Casual Vibes Set a Playful Mood 

Tacos conjure up images of fun outdoor eating and laidback vibes. Bringing this casual energy to your wedding reception with tacos sets a festive, playful mood perfect for celebrating.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Let’s face it: wedding catering costs can really add up. Tacos happen to be a more budget-friendly catering option, especially handy if you’re also splurging on a band, wedding planner, open bar, and other big expenses. Wedding taco catering can help you save money without sacrificing delicious cuisine.

Creative Taco Catering Ideas for Weddings

If you’re sold on tacos for your wedding menu, get ready to wow your guests with creative taco catering presentations like:

Taco Carts and Stations

Skip the boring buffet line and delight guests with roaming taco carts, build-your-own taco stations, and dessert taco bars. Consider fun taco holders like mini cake cones to make eating easy and tidy.

Unique Taco Fillings 

Think beyond ground beef. Wow, your guests with shrimp ceviche tacos, Korean barbecue jackfruit tacos, carnitas tacos, and more unique fillings they won’t expect.

Mexican-Inspired Decor

Make your wedding taco catering truly festive with decor touches like tissue paper flowers, strands of chili pepper lights, boldly patterned tablecloths, paper flower banners, and warm cafe string lighting.

Signature Margarita Pairings

Offer refreshing margaritas, sangria, Mexican beer, or other fun drink pairings that complement the tacos perfectly. Themed cocktails add to the fiesta atmosphere.

Why Tacos and Weddings Make the Perfect Pair

Creative, casual, and budget-friendly – it’s easy to see why taco catering is on the rise for weddings. Tacos bring a lively mood and interactive dining experience that delights guests. From roaming taco trucks to build-your-own taco bars, tacos can take your wedding cuisine to exciting new levels.

Contact Lua’s Tacos today to learn more about our taco catering for weddings and events. We can’t wait to taco bout making your wedding day totally fantastic!

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